Marcus Leadley

The Sounding Shore

Composition based on field recordings collected along the coast between the Neptune public house and Whitstable harbour

Installation for an Imaginary Beach #1

A very different approach to composition! The same sound files are loaded into a patch called Collidescope which I developed using a software called Max/MSP. You can use it to make your own applications and this patch is designed to trigger the playback of multiple sound files in time with the ‘reading’ of a written score you don’t actually hear. The pace of my spoken word delivery sets the timing for the triggers, but the files and the way they play are controlled by a series of random processes embedded into the software. The result is a loosely structured sound collage which has a certain pace and sense of internal logic.  I really like the results I can create with Collidescope because I get to hear outcomes I would never have thought up. Collidescope also mangles the sounds a lot more and the result is more surreal and angular  – and where the real and unreal intersect we find the territory of dreams.